Wild Blueberries

The Maine wild blueberry is a truly native plant.  After a forest fire in this region, wild blueberries are the first plants to come back, followed by larger plants, bushes and trees until it becomes the Maine woods again. Wild blueberry growers keep the native blueberry plants dominant and productive by either burning or flail mowing the fields on a two year cycle.  The first year of growth produces the fruit buds and the second year produces the luscious wild fruit.

Our blueberry fields lie on the top of Beddington Ridge.  We’re located in the heart of some of Maine’s best wild blueberry country and we are pleased to offer our customers real Downeast Maine wild blueberries.

We use both old fashioned hand rakes and a walk behind harvester to gather the crop.  A fresh pack winnowing machine is used to clean out leaves and twigs for our local customers.  Our berries are free of debris and ready to eat.


We expect to begin harvesting the crop at the very end of July or beginning of August, depending on when the berries are ready, and continuing through most of August.

You can come to the farm to get your blueberries or to PICK YOUR OWN.  Pick your own customers can use our rakes and our cleaning machine to bring home berries that are already cleaned and ready to use.  Please call ahead at 207-638-2664 or email us at brfarm@rivah.net.

We will bring wild blueberries to the BREWER FARMERS’ MARKET on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from  8:30 AM – 1 PM.  You can contact us ahead to preorder 10 lb. boxes of wild blueberries to be brought to the Brewer Farmers’ Market.  Call 638-2664 or email us at brfarm@rivah.net.

Finished product at market