Low Sugar and Homemade From Berries and Fruit Grown on Beddington Ridge

Our jams are homemade in our licensed kitchen from berries and fruits grown on Beddington Ridge Farm.  All our jams are made with fresh or fresh frozen berries and are high in beneficial antioxidants.  They’re made with about 25% of the sugar used in most jams so you can actually taste the fruit and not just the sweetness.

Our jams are available at the farm, at farmers’ markets and fairs, and online on our Beddington Ridge Farm Etsy page.  For secure online ordering, you can go to our etsy shop at beddingtonridgefarm.etsy.com

Below is a list of our currently available flavors:

Wild Blueberry

Honey Sweetened Wild Blueberry

All Fruit Sweetened Wild Blueberry

Wild Blueberry Cranberry

Wild Blueberry Strawberry

Wild Blueberry Rhubarb

Wild Bog Cranberry Sauce

Apple Butter

Cranapple Butter

Raspberry Jam


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