Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths

We make our own Christmas wreaths with locally gathered balsam fir.  They’re old fashioned quality Maine Christmas wreaths with balsam fir on both sides.  Maine wreath makers use the ends of balsam fir branches, called “tips” to make Christmas wreaths.  It’s best to wait for cold temperatures “set” the needles.  This means the needles stay on longer  making for longer lasting wreaths.  Using careful management practices, it’s possible to harvest balsam fir tips without harming the trees.

Our wreaths are available locally, online and by offline mail order DURING NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER.

LOCALLY – You can come out to our farm (207-638-2664) for a Christmas wreath OR you can find us with a variety of Christmas wreaths at the United Maine Craftsmen Thanksgiving weekend show at the Brewer Auditorium in Brewer, Maine November 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2018.

ONLINE – Our Christmas wreaths are available on etsy.  Depending on your delivery address, you may find your wreath shipping is less expensive on etsy.  Click or tap the link below to get to our etsy store and securely order online during November and December:

OLD FASHIONED MAIL ORDER:  During November and December you can also call or send your order to:

Beddington Ridge Farm

1951 State Hwy 193

Beddington, ME 04622




web Trad Chr Wr


Our Traditional Maine Christmas wreaths are made from fragrant balsam fir gathered from the nearby woods.   It’s 23″ wide and we decorate them in a traditional Downeast Maine way with a simple red velveteen bow, locally gathered white pine cones and red berries.

$39 postpaid + $5 west of Mississippi

web large Chr wr WPweb large Chr wr


Our Large Christmas Wreath makes a bigger impact on a bigger house, garage or barn door.  It’s 30″ wide and made of fresh balsam fir and generously decorated with both local white pine cones and Austrian cones, red berries and a deluxe red velveteen bow.

The Large Traditional Christmas wreath is available only at 

webBedd Ridge Wr


Our Beddington Ridge Wreath is made from fresh balsam fir with accents of white birch bark worked in.  It’s 23″ wide and we decorate it with Austrian pine cone clusters, red berries and a deluxe 7 loop bow in your choice of color: red, burgundy, Scotch plaid or off white.

$44 postpaid + $5 west of Mississippi

web Maine Woods Wreath


This special 23″ wide mixed greens Christmas wreath will truly add a bit of the Maine woods to your Christmas décor.  It is made of fresh balsam fir with local pine and cedar worked in.  We lavishly decorate these wreaths with both Austrian and white pine cones, wild red rose hips, white reindeer moss and a red velveteen bow on top.

$49 postpaid + $5 west of Mississippi